How to Defer Upgrades in Windows 10

In case you are using Windows 10 Professional, Education or Enterprise edition, then you will defer the download and installing Windows Updates on your system. Well, those who are using Windows 10 Home, will be unable to see this option.

Windows 10 Pro and Home users can’t disable the automatic updates, though there is a workaround to turn off Windows Updates – which is not recommended by us. The maximum possible effort that Windows 10 Pro users can do, is that they could Defer upgrades.

Microsoft says that Some Windows 10 editions will help you to defer upgrades to your computer system. When you perform this process, new Windows features will not be downloaded or installed for a number of months. Deferring upgrades will not affect security updates. Also, Note that as soon as they are made available, deferring upgrades process will prevent you from accessing the latest Windows features .

This implies that, if your Windows 10 edition facilitates this option:

  1. You will be able to execute Defer Upgrades
  2. Download and installation of security updates will happen immediately. Only features will be deferred
  3. The deferment will happen for the only couple of months, after that these upgrades too will be downloaded and installed. Quality updates will get deferred by up to the time period of 30 days, whereas feature updates will not get installed up till 180 days.

Defer Upgrades in Windows 10

In order To Defer Upgrade, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update. Then Click on Advanced Options. Check for theDefer upgrades check-box.

When you perform this above-mentioned procedure, your OS will be likely to move from the Current Branch of Windows Update servicing to Current Branch for Business.

This option is being provided to Pro and Business users so that they could defer features for a short period of time until they are tested by all thoroughly.

So the bottom line is, if you want to use the new features immediately that are being offered, then you need not defer upgrades. But if you are a user who likes to adopt the safe method, you may defer upgrades.

In Windows 10, you may Pause or Delay/Defer Updates through settings up to 365 days.

When you Enable this option, it puts your Windows 10 system on the “Current branch for business.” It is useful for business users who need to wait for a longer period of time before getting new features on their computer system.

We hope you like the post and it has cleared your doubts regarding the concerned concept. The above-mentioned option delays feature upgrades for several months but at the same time allows security updates through it.

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