Different ways to open Run command in the windows 10

The run command is very useful command and also facilitates the fastest way to access files, folders, documents etc. this command is one of the useful tools and makes you launch the programs at a rapid rate as compared to that on the graphic interface. It could be considered a kind of shortcut that makes your task much easy. This shortcut has been known one of the best methods to perform the day to day task at very fast pace. Though with the launch of window 10 we have received more facilities still most of the functionality is relied on the run command. Here we give you the strategies to open it.

Different ways to open Run command in the windows 10

Method 1. press win+ r at the same time

By using the window key with r in combination you may open the run command in the quickest way. This approach is one of the best shortcuts and is applicable for all versions of the window.

Method 2. get run command from start menu

Click the start button. Choose all apps and allow windows system, to expand. After that click run to open it. Consequently, you will get the run command box opened up easily.  

Method 3. use cortana search

Write run in the Cortana’s search box that lies in the taskbar, and after that click Run from the results which you have searched.

Method 4. from power user menu

You may also open the run command from power user menu. Simply you are required to Press the Windows key + X altogether at the same time. As soon as you see the Power User menu, click Run. And thus you will open the run command with minimum efforts.   

Method 5.From command prompt

Visit Windows 10 and Open up the Command Prompt. After that, you need to Copy and paste the command given below and hit the Enter key.

explorer.exe Shell:::{2559a1f3-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}  


You may share these shortcuts with your friends and family and could resolve the opening of the run command in one of the simplest and easiest way. We hope that you like these above-mentioned shortcuts and will try to see the results in your own system.

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