How to fix random freezing in window 10

Most of the times it happens that your program gets locked up completely and nothing could be more frustrating than this situation. The sudden closing of your system and that too without any notification/warning is the worst issue to handle. You become helpless and forcibly have to restart the system all over again. Moreover there is no exact procedure to cope up with such kind of issue but hopefully, you may resolve this with the provided guidelines to some extent. Also After installing Windows 10, simply update the recently released patches: KB4103429 and KB4013418.

How to fix random freezing in window 10

Method 1 – Run netsh winsock reset command

In windows10 problem of random freeze could be an effect resulting from different factors. One of the major issues is internet connection that is responsible for the concerned problem.

Open cmd and then enter the given and hit Enter key to run it:

netsh winsock reset


Close Command Prompt and restart your system.

Method 2- delete or uninstall problem causing software

  • Open Settings App and Visit System.
  • Visit Apps & Features section and remove the apps.
  • After you are done with removal of these apps, restart your system.
  • You must note the fact that sometimes Acronis True Image software can’t be completely uninstalled from the computer.

Method 3 – Disable F.lux

  • As F.lux software involves some kind of compatibility issues with it, so it is advisable to disable it. this will help you to get rid of further problems regarding the same. Besides your display drivers will be safe and secured for the future use.

Method 4 – all USB devices should be disconnected

Sometimes windows 10  may freeze due to these outdated USB drivers. external hard drives, printers are some of the USB devices that lead to such kind of problem, hence it is advisable to remove them.

Method 5 – network drivers should be regularly updated

Though manually Updating the drivers could be very irritating for you but sometimes it saves you from the future problems that could require more efforts of you instead. So it’s better to carry out the process of upgrading the drivers regularly.

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