GetCardBalance – Check Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance

GetCardBalance is a Vanilla gift card service to check the remaining balance of your vanilla MasterCard on Vanilla Prepaid Cards are provided by Bancorp Bank and distributed by InComm Financial Services.

Vanilla gift cards are accepted at millions of locations across the United States. These cards can be used for online purchases and gifts and are suitable for people who do not like to carry cash or face problems getting a credit card. Vanilla Gift Cards cannot be used outside the United States or Dc.


GetCardBalance – Check Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance

Getcardbalance makes it easy to check your Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance and review your transactions. First of all, let us talk about how & where to use your card.

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How to use your Vanilla Prepaid Gift Card

Vanilla gift cards can be used just like any other credit card. After purchasing anything at a store, you can present your gift card for payment, and you will also have to sign the payment receipt. The purchase amount will be automatically deducted from your card. You cannot use this card for partial payments.

  1. Make Sure your prepaid gift card balance is more than the entire cost of the purchase, including taxes.
  2. Select ‘Credit’ or ‘Debit’ as the payment method.
  3. Fill in your card details in the Payment Method section as you would do for a debit or credit card.

Where to use your Vanilla Prepaid Gift Card

You can use this prepaid gift card wherever Visa debit cards, Debit Mastercard, or Discover cards are accepted. You can use your card for mail orders, stores, and online in the United States and District of Columbia.

How to Use Getcardbalance to check Vanilla Gift Card Balance

  1. Visit the GetCardbalance Website at
  2. Enter your card number, expiry date & CVV.
  3. Click on Sign in.
  4. Now you can check your balance and review your previous transactions.

GetCardbalance is the primary source of information for you to check your vanilla gift card balance and review your previous transactions. If you still have questions not offered on our website, you can call the vanilla helpline number 1.800.680.5938. Keep Visiting MyFeedbackCard for more information!

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