Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in Windows 10

It’s a blessing these days that when you buy a new peripherals for you pc will come with a option to connect wirelessly. Whether it’s Bluetooth speakers, printers, or external displays, the ability to be able to send content to these devices without the need to physically tether, until it stops working. Problems with bluetooth are common these days so today here we are putting up a small guide for you one “How to Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in Windows 10“.

In this article, we are providing details one how to solve the common issues in Windows 10. Many of the users who have just upgraded their system to Windows 10 have been suffering from the problems like poor connection to the audio Bluetooth devices,  availability of wireless connections etc. It may also be in terms of like you are finding it bit difficult to search for the Bluetooth icon or sometimes you even don’t get the options where to on/off the above-mentioned icon. Besides most of the time a notification occurs with a message, Bluetooth is not available. Therefore we are discussing some guidelines, with the help of these you will be able to cope up with such problems.

How to Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in Windows 10

For most part, that Bluetooth not working situation could be caused by two main reasons:

  • Bluetooth functionality isn’t turned on your devices.(PC or the Bluetooth devices you want to connect to your PC)
  • Bluetooth drivers are incompatible with Windows 10.

Make Sure Bluetooth Devices are Allowed to Connect to Your PC

Before we proceed any further it is important to find out that whether Bluetooth devices are allowed to connect to our pc or not. First of all you’ll want to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on both on your device and your PC. For the PC side of things you’ll want to open the Start Menu then click on Settings>Devices then look for Bluetooth in the left hand column and select it.

First of all make sure Bluetooth in your Windows 10 pc is turned on. After that scroll below and click on More Bluetooth options.

Tick the box “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer”. After that check if your bluetooth device shows up, if not then we will need to proceed to further solutions.

Develop A Connection With Wireless Displays And Audio Bluetooth Devices

In case you are still facing the issue regarding your Bluetooth, then you may follow the steps which are legally     provided by the Microsoft. These are some of the necessary steps that are required to be follow

Notice the fact that if your Bluetooth is turned on or running properly. Also, ensure whether it is supported by the Bluetooth technology or not. In case your Bluetooth is turned on then it will be visible in your action tab as             shown in the image given below.

  • Secondly- in case you do not see the Bluetooth turned on, then you are required to upgrade your system drivers for the purpose.
  • Visit the Start menu and write in the search box “Device Manager”. Firstly you are required to search your device in the list and afterward turn on the right tap and select your device. Now click on

Update driver software and tap on an Automatic search of upgrade driver for your device. After this, you are done with the upgradation of your drivers and ready to follow further instructions.

Moreover, you must check if Bluetooth of your device is up and running and also if it could be easily searched by other devices.

Remedy By Allowing The Insertion And Removal Of The Devices With Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth is turned up and is running efficiently, then also your device is not getting paired with the system. You must delete or remove the device from the system and try to pair it once again.

 Here Are All Steps:

  • Visit the Control Panel and tap on “Hardware and Sound” and after that select “Bluetooth Devices”.
  •  Now click on your device which is not working and tap on Delete or Remove button to remove it safely from       the  system.
  • Now Click “Add” and tap on the “reset/restart” button on the device or turn the device off and once again switch it on.
  • Once you are done with above steps Select “My device is ready to be found” and tap on the button “Next”
  • When it appears that Bluetooth is found, mark it and tap on “Next” button and follow the instructions carefully.


The chances are if all of these tweaks fail to cure the problem then it’s most likely a hardware issue of some kind, so contact the manufacturer to see if they can give you more assistance.

We hope that you all are satisfied with the strategies provided above in the article and will help you to resolve these common issues very easily. The guidelines provided are applicable for all the system that supports window 10 and does not cause any problem in the efficient working of your system. In case you want to suggest or enquire more about this, kindly contact us.

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