How To: Import Internet Favorites into Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge

This very new Internet browser is very innovative and has been built to take on the modern web now onwards. Besides, Edge will be updated regularly at the definite interval of time with more improvised and new features. Therefore, here’s a good opportunity for you to try it out.

Microsoft Edge is a unique web browser that comes along with an installation or up-gradation of Windows 10. It is one of the most speedy browsers and is entirely compatible with most of the web sites. The easiest way to try any web browser is by visiting your favorite web sites to visualize how rapidly they load and how promising they look. In Edge, Microsoft makes it very easy and simple to import the web favorites. This process is quickest one and supports browsers that have been properly installed on the system.

How To: Import Internet Favorites into Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge

Here are the steps in order to get there:

1.Open With Microsoft Edge, click the ellipsis given at the top right in order to display the dropdown menu, then move ahead in the downward direction to Settings.2.After that, click the Import favorites from another browser option given.    3.An additional web browser that has been installed on the system will show up in the Import favorites list. Then choose the browsers and click the Import button from which you would like to import from.                                                                                                                         

4.The import process will take few seconds only. As soon as the import process is completed your favorite web sites will appear as given below.                                                                              

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