How to open Action Center in Windows 10

Action center In Windows 10, is the place where you can search for your app notifications, also for quick actions, which are known to provide you a speedy access to settings and apps that are used commonly.

The action center is responsible for showing you the past notifications of yours until you remove/delete them. This could be termed as useful if you receive a pop-up notification. In this article, we will provide you with the information that where is the Action Center in Windows 10, and the ways to open and use the Action Center in Windows 10. The post is also advisable as it provides steps to fix the concerned issue that you can try in case you find that action center is not working efficiently as it should be. The Action Center in windows 10 is divided into two sections i.e. – Quick Actions and Notifications with the help of which you are able to look at all the notifications from different apps, the system etc.

How to open Action Center in Windows 10

Follow the guidelines as mentioned below

1.If you are using the latest version of Windows 10, in that case, you need to go in the right corner of the taskbar. In order to open the Action Center pane just Click on the icon.

Here in the top end, you will see the notifications, but you can see the shortcuts, at the bottom end. Most of them are the shortcuts to frequently used settings. By selecting any of these, you may open the section of relevant Settings.

It is necessary to enable this feature almost all the time. However, things may get complicated when you receive a number of notifications. If it is required then you may disable notifications. To do so, you are required to click the Action Center icon which is located on the right-hand side of the taskbar.

2.After that, click the All Settings button, select System and next, Notifications & Actions.

For different app settings Toggle the switches to ‘On’ or ‘Off’.

Besides notifications, Windows 10 puts the ‘Quick Actions‘  in Action Center. It also enables to switch ‘Tablet Mode‘ speedy and access other settings. In order to choose which Quick Actions appear at the bottom of the system, click the Action Center icon and choose ‘All Settings’.

3.Next, choose System > Notifications & actions and consequently, ‘Add or Remove Quick Actions’ link.

Here, you may choose the quick action that appears under Action Center and when you are done with the procedure, just close the window in order to apply the changes.


Dismiss Notification

The displaying of several notifications can be minimized by dismissing them. you need to press the Action Center icon given on the taskbar so that you can dismiss the particular notifications and gently operate your mouse cursor over that particular notification that you would like to dismiss. After that, hit the button “X”, in order to dismiss the notification.

We Hope that this post familiarizes you with the action center in Windows 10 successfully. In case you encounter any issue regarding the same, you may contact us directly.

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