• Partner with Feedback

    Feedback can help your customers spend with confidence

  • Financial Institutions, Card Issuers, & More

    Feedback seeks partnerships with card issuers & networks, financial institutions, and more to bring the Feedback Card and app to users around the world


    • Greater control over finances and spending, and more 
    • Messages sent directly to card via EMV chip technology
    • Analysis of payment level data to ease management of finances
    • Reduction in balance requests to call centers and non-automated systems
    • Improved competitive brand positioning and card loyalty

    Feedback and NID Security

    Feedback's manufacturing partner is NID Security, the world leader in display card manufacturing.

    Public Services, Gift Cards, & Prepaid Cards

    Transit cards, electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, and more, with a balance readily available on the card itself.

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