How to Run CHKDSK in Windows 10

Chkdsk can be expanded as the check disk. Chkdsk ensure the proper functioning of the hard drive. It regularly checks for the errors on the hard drive of your system and fixes the issues if any occurs regarding the storage capability etc. Therefore it is one of the most important features that are required by our system. Hence we present some common and easiest methods to run chkdsk on your computer.

How to Run CHKDSK in Windows 10

Through This Pc,Run Chkdsk In Your System

  1. Firstly you need to Open File Explorer.
  2. Select for This PC.
  3. In order to run CHKDSK on the hard disk. You have to Right-click the Hard Disk
  4. Mark for Properties

  1. In the Properties window, YOU need to Click on Tools.
  2. Then click on Check. Under Error-Checking

Run CHKDSK by giving Command Prompt

  1. Open Command Prompt (Press the Windows + X button combinedly, and then select Command Prompt (Admin))
  2. then write the command given below, and replace the letter X with the drive letter with the other letter which you like to scan: “CHKDSK X:”, using “CHKDSK X: /F”, is advisable as only in that condition it can solve the errors.
  3. Press the enter key, Command Prompt will run CHKDSK

Run CHKDSK through Cortana

  1. Simply you need to write the same command as you have written in the Command Prompt, CHKDSK X: /F and substitute some other letter in its place that you like to use for the process of scanning.
  2. Cortana will Execute the command by automatically starting the Command Prompt.

We hope that this tutorial has helped you much to let you start the chkdsk in your system. Moreover, these guidelines can be handled with ease and are very useful for resolving the several errors related to the hard drive of your system.

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