Strategies to resolve IP address conflict in windows 10

The problem of IP address conflict in window 10 could be a cause of serious concern as. It is very obvious that when your system uses an internet connection then another system also uses it at the same time. This issue becomes major, when the sender literally gets confused to whom it may send the information in the form of programs, files etc. hence this article will help you to fix this in a very easy manner.

Strategies to resolve IP address conflict in windows 10

Solution 1.Another computer with the same IP address on this network

In case you are working on a Home network, then power off your router, and wait for 10-15 seconds, now power it on once again and see.

This might help you to solve the problem to some extent.

Solution 2.Alter MAC address

You are required to use the MAC address of your first system on your second system. In order To obtain the MAC address of the first system or recently connected computer, visit the Command Prompt, and then make an entry in this command, after this press Enter key.

ipconfig /all

Windows has detected an IP address conflict

  • You need to see the Physical Address in the result.
  • then, open the second system. Press Win + R at the same time, write ncpa.cpl and hit Enter key.
  • By Right-clicking on Ethernet [number] (if any) > visit Properties > Configure > Advanced > Network Address.
  • After that, the MAC address should be written in the Value box and save the settings.

In case you are not comfortable to use the above-mentioned strategy to change MAC address, then you can also use some third-party MAC address changer tools for performing the same task.

Solution 3.Renewal of IP address through Command Prompt

If you possess only one computer, still you receive the notification of  Ip Address Conflict, then you are required to renew your IP address. for this purpose, Open Command Prompt and search for

Open a Command Prompt window and perform the execution the commands that follow:

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew

The first command will help in releasing your current IP address and the second command will assign you a new IP address.

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