Strategies to resolve the problem of taskbar in window 10

Most of the times it happens that your system freezes and does not work with the required efficiency. One of the most common issues that arise in window 10 is malfunctioning or not responding of the taskbar in your system. The taskbar is one of the essential feature through which we interact with the system, usually it is termed as UI system. If you are among those who are facing the problem regarding your system taskbar, then you must go through the article and look for the methods to resolve it.

Though there are a number of strategies available to fix this, we present the best ones for you, that will help you to the maximum to solve the problem with ease.

Strategies to resolve the problem of taskbar in window 10

Method 1: look for unwanted explorer addition

Make sure that your Windows 10 computer system is in clean boot state and try to search for the offender by a suitable method. Sometimes it happens that extra unwanted Explorer files interferes with the trouble free working of explorer.exe. In case you find any then it is advisable to remove or disable it immediately. This will help your system to work smoothly without any obstruction. Consequently, chances of poor functioning of the system reduce and you get the desired speed and response by the system.                    

Method 2: Restarting the Windows Explorer

This method is a simple one and solves the issue of taskbar freezing in a very desirable way. This method is very reliable and fixes the issue effectively. This is suitable for minor conditions only. Also, you don’t have to make any further changes in the other settings in your window 10 system. Steps of the procedure are given below as follows.

  1. Press Windows Key + R in a combination to cast Run trigger. Then Enter taskmgr.exe and hit Enter button to open Task Manager.
  2. Now, scroll downwards and search for Windows Explorer, in the under process tab
  3. Mark Windows Explorer and press Restart button in the bottom at the right corner.
  4. This procedure simply works in a way to kill the Windows Explorer process and forces it to get a restart.

Method 3: The Taskbar re-register process

If the above methods do not provide any result then you may try this one. In case the problem is repeated once again then try to resolve it with the help of Windows Powershell. Powershell is a command-line tool which is known to configure settings of the system and automatically generates Windows tasks.

The very first task of yours is to create a system restore point and then follow the guidelines as provided in order to use Windows Powershell for resolving the problems regarding the taskbar.

1.hit Windows Key and write in Powershell. Then Right-click Windows Powershell (Desktop App) and Mark  Run as administrator. After that choose Yes in the UAC (user account control) window that pops up on your screen.

Conclusion –

We hope that you like the above-mentioned strategies and these can be handled easily. We suggest you try them once and get your system free from the malfunctioning of the taskbar. After applying these you will overcome the taskbar issue easily. Moreover, you are not required to manipulate any other settings in your system. These strategies are so developed that they do not damage your system and maintains its efficiency as it was before. These methods are applicable for any kind of window supporting systems and do not obstruct the proper functioning of your system in any way. For any query or suggestion, you can contact us.

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