How to Sync Your Settings in Windows 10

When you turn on sync in your computer system, Windows keeps and regularly manages the settings that are of utmost importance for you and sets them on all Windows 10 devices of yours. In order to sync to work, you are required to sign in to windows 10 with your Microsoft account (or link your Microsoft account to your work) on any device you would like to keep in sync. In case the option of Sync settings is not available on your device, your system might not allow this feature to make progress further. Here are the guidelines mentioned below.

How to Sync Your Settings in Windows 10

  1. Tick mark the Start button.                                                           
  2. Hit the Settings icon.                                                              
  3. Then Click Accounts.                                                             
  4. After that just Click Sign in with a Microsoft account and now you could enter your account information. Move to step 5 if you do not see the desired option.
  5. Select Sync your settings.                                                                 
  6. After that simply turn on the switch next in order to Sync the Settings. Apply the above-mentioned steps from 1-6 on your other Windows 10 system and get your machine synchronized in no time.

Besides you also have an option to disable any particular settings in your system in case you want certain things not to sync as others got.

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