How to View & Delete Microsoft Edge Browsing History in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new web browser in Windows 10. Those who have updated their PC to Windows 10 and are very much new to the OS, then here is a detailed procedure on how to view and delete browsing history in your system.

How to View & Delete Microsoft Edge Browsing History in Windows 10

1.Many of the modern browsers to date have standardized the shortcut on the keyboard as CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE. In order to access the privacy options of the browser. Hence From there, you can delete your browsing history.

2.If you want to access additional settings with Microsoft Edge, then simply tick the Hub button given in the upper-right corner. Then choose the History icon. This will provide you a list of your history which has been organized according to the last hour, day, and week.

3.If you want to delete the history, then you can do so just by clicking the button “X” next to each given item or you can clear it all by simply clicking Clear all history.

You just need to choose that you like to delete, and then click the Clear button.

4.In case you don’t want to view the browsing history and want to clear it, then you may try this.

5.Choose more actions (…) ellipsis icon provided in the upper-right corner and choose Settings

6.Then gently scroll down and tick mark Choose what to clear beneath the header Clear browsing data. Now you will be able to go through and choose the items that you want to delete.

That’s all that you needed to do.

We hope you like the post and find the process to be the easiest one to handle. You may share the information provided to your families and friends and can follow them without having any second thought.

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